Epic Photo Tours

Epic Photo Tours are designed for people who love photography, travel and discovering unique cultures.

Offering a limited amount of carefully designed trips each year our excursions offer both the amateur and professional photographer an opportunity to enhance their skill level. Traveling to visually rich and culturally intact locations around the globe our small groups form a cohesive team. Documentary, photojournalism and portraiture are taught by our lead instructors, Bobbi Lane and David Wells..

They will be providing individual and group instruction with daily digital work flow management and image review. Lighting, terrain and logistics have all been taken into consideration when our trips are planned.

Our in country travel partners have been carefully selected when planning our trips. Our guides are fluent in English and have an understanding of what is needed to make a photography tour a success We believe our trips are more than bringing people to beautiful or interesting places. Our Ethiopian land partner, Sora Tours, provides guiding services for the United Sates Embassy, the British Embassy and the Swiss Consulate. Our Peruvian partner, Ile Tours was recommended in the 2009 Footprints guide. The hotels we stay at were chosen for their location and ambience. On some trips meals are all inclusive. In Peru where the cuisine is excellent our groups have enjoyed restaurant hopping and finding their own special place. Our goal is to interact with our subject matter in a socially responsbile and respectful matter.

We strive to make our trips unique lifetime experiences. Past participants have had exhibits of their photography and we are extremely proud of that. More than anything, Epic Photo Trips are fun and stimulating experiences.




What an incredible experience! Eleven days, 7,000 photos, 2,000 miles, four great travel partners, Herb and John leading the way.
Michele Zousmer,
Rancho Santa Fe, California

My trip to Omo Valley was an incredible experience. Great guide, terrific photo opportunity, still talking about it. Well run tour!

Was with them in Mali and toured Dogon country. Improved my photo skills, had fun and went somewhere few go. Epic Photo Tours knows how to run a great trip.
Naomi Schwartz, Voice of America/Senegal

Went to Peru and returned with incredible photos that I was able to share with my photo club. A truly great experience.
Len B.

Not being a traveler I was very nervous about going to Guatemala. So glad I did, it was a life changing experience for me and I am eager to go on other trips with John, Herb and Epic.
Amalia, Montreal

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